Lifeline Foundation:

Lifeline Foundation, an Indian non-profit pioneered Emergency Medical Services in India over large geographical areas in 2002 and the idea of a unified helpline number across India’s labyrinthine of highways with the aim of reducing the 100,000+ annual highway deaths in India. The Foundation also co-anchored the EMS Act in Gujarat, the first geo-political area in this region to have an EMS Act.
Lifeline is supported by various National and International Corporates and has been honoured by the US based Eisenhower Fellowships and the UK based Prince Michael International Road Safety Award besides a host of other National felicitations. Lifeline’s founder CEO, Dr Subroto Das has this year, been conferred one of India’s highest civilian award, the Padma Shri by the Government of India for pioneering Highway EMS in India. The Foundation also published the first peer reviewed journal in the country ‘EMSINDIA’, dedicated to Emergency Medical Services and also is the Editorial Secretariat for the AsiaN EMS JournaL, the official journal of the Asian Association for EMS.
A DISH recognised organisation, it is also working with industries, ports and mines to better Industrial EMS across the country and is attempting to create a synergy between EMS & OH (Occupational Health) for industrial stakeholders.
Lifeline Foundation have now shifted towards a more inclusive highway accident relief; the current focus is on actively advocating Bystander First Aid & CPR to enable common citizens to save lives in post-accident trauma and ‘out of hospital cardiac arrest’. The aim is to train and empower passer-bys to act and save lives till ambulance relief reaches. It’s other current priority is to create Pan-Asian Trauma Care systems along with other Asian stakeholders.
The Foundation’s activities have been studied at TISS (The Tata Institute of Social Sciences), Mumbai and at Harvard University.